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In 2016, I took a half day from work to get my car registration for the state of Texas. When I went to the registration place, they said I didn't have everything to obtain it. I left pretty upset since I took the time off, but as I walked back to my car, I noticed a sign to the Belton Animal Shelter. I decided, well, might as well just look!

I saw two baby blue heeler puppies and fell in love, but was told that they weren't available until that Monday. The volunteer asked if I wanted to check out the back where the rest of the dogs were held and I followed him through the door. The female dogs were in cages on the left and the male dogs were on the right. They were organized by color and sizes. I've always been interested in female dogs, so I sadly bypassed the males. I walked slowly by the cages and looked at all of the smaller dogs. I stood in front of a cage with a bunch of brown/tan dogs and most of them were barking at me up front while the others hid in the back. There was one dog on a bed in the back that caught my eye. She had fluffy ears and was shaking up a storm.When I walked back out, the volunteer asked if I wanted to check out any of them. I hesitated, but then mentioned to him the smaller brown dog with fluffy ears hiding in the back of the cage. He led me to a room and told me to wait inside. It was a cold white room with a wooden bench inside and I sat quietly while waiting for this pup.

A women walked in holding the little brown dog in her arms and mentioned how no one has asked to see her before. She told me that she's shy and may not come up to me. She sat her down on the ground and walked out of the room. The little dog and I stared at each other from across the room. I sat on the bench and held my hand out to try to get her attention. She tip-toed over and slowly leaned in. I started scratching her head and I believe she started to realize that I wouldn't harm her. A few scratches all over later, I decided to sit down on the floor to be more at her level. One paw after another she got closer to me, hopped in my lap, circled around and went belly up. After a bunch of belly rubs, the woman walked in saying "Don't you two look cosy? Just wanted to let you know that the fee is waived this week!". We looked at each other and I thought "well this might be a sign". Outside the door, there was a couple that walked in looking for a small dog. The woman was explaining to the worker all of the features she was interested in and then slowly glanced over to the window on the door to the room. "I want THAT dog!", she said as she pointed to the pup in my lap. The worker mentioned to the couple, "Well, the dog is available, but I'm pretty sure she has a home". I glanced down at her and said "well, looks like it's me or that hipster couple. You good with me?".

Fast forward to partner in crime, Miss Stella, is turning "5" on her gotcha day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!!

A doggie cupcake from Nadia Cakes in Palmdale, CA.

That face is killing me!!

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