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Stephanie and Adam met in 2013 in the White Sabers Drum Corps where they immediately bonded over their love of performing and music. Their first date was a low key affair where they walked a bit further than they had expected to get Chinese food in the freezing cold and see a movie. Five years later, they're still teaching together while they get ready to turn the page on the next chapter in their lives!

They chose Delaware Park to take the engagement photos at. I honestly have never been to Delaware Park or anywhere in Buffalo (crazy enough!) and I would love to go back! The only time I've been to Buffalo was for drum corps or driving past it, so another adventure is a must. There were so many variations to choose from in terms of photo locations and we couldn't of had any better weather! The Albright-Knox Art Gallery's outdoor sculptures and architecture was stunning!

I then told them to do a silly photo. Adam was trying to push her into the water! These are some of the photos that followed....

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