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I received a phone call from Sabrina's mother and she was screaming on the phone. I couldn't get a word out from her. I was worried because it sounded like something was wrong and then finally I was able to hear "Stephen's proposing to Sabrina!" following an "AHHHH!". I had less than 20min to get ready and speed to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. When I got there and parked, I had to duck because they were walking right in front of my car! I waited for them to go inside, I slowly walked down the path and walked indoors. I mentioned to the lady at the front desk that I couldn't be seen and had to get to the rose garden before my couple did. She told me about another road to go down to beat them there. So once I had everything squared away, I rushed to my car and beat them there! I had messaged Stephen about where to go and we planned to meet right under the wisteria pathway. The rose garden was getting ready for a wedding, so I thought this was perfect!

As I'm waiting and watching, they popped up. I was all set up and ready for him to start. Then, they kept walking! Freaking out, I had to rush backwards behind the columns to make sure they didn't spot me. They both sat down right on the other side of the column I was hiding behind. Just standing there like stone, I couldn't tell if anything was happening! I had to keep glancing around the column to check. Sabrina mentions that someone left their bag on the side of the wall (my camera bag!). Finally she notices someone behind the column thinking it's me.

Finally, I poked out and waved at them! Sabrina started laughing but was also a bit confused, so of course, Stephen knew that it was time!


Now here we are a few months later.....time for some engagement photos!!

We also had little Keith (my corgi Luna's brother -which Sabrina's brother Curtis owns) tag along for the photoshoot!

He was pretty done with the photo shoot, haha. Taking cover behind my Jo Totes bag. He got some much needed sleep + snuggles on the way home!

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